Sinnliche Massage | Apr 14, 2015

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I'm going to say this one is my favorite massage video.
Wonderful again
I loved it, the two of them in this sensual massage, I know allot is made of male/female but I love the interaction and that is what makes this site so special it's not just about intercourse it's about the prelude and teasing and massage and foreplay so I loved it, I obviously love the female fore but to put your mind and body in place of Mikes is what I fantasizes about, having her touch him/ me in that situation is what got me excited and beleive it or not had me cum without touching myself when she made him was great....
RE: Yet again, no thanks
EmmSea, I totally agree with you!
Bring back the ladies, please
Maybe one with a little meat on her bones?
I understand those who prefer female only content, and personally, myself, enjoy the male and female interaction. With respect though, in terms of "authenticity", and things being "natural" the flow of activity is both frustrating and deeply contrived. When she is on her hands and knees, and he was behind, she was clearly highly aroused, he was clearly highly aroused, it was already way beyond a tantric-massage level; so penetration would have satisfied her, satisfied him, and satisfied us. Likewise with the pseudo-69 position. Some people don't engage in oral; thats fair enough; but the ones that don't, also don't line up in 69 position and put their mouths within millimetres of the partner's genitalia. The identical position in the Flora and Mike video was natural, and deeply satisfying on every artistic as well as stimulatory level. This one, despite such beautiful people didn't reach that level. I would rather it is either non sexual, or naturally sexual. The current approach is a bit like turning on the car engine, and revving the engine till it is damaged, but never allowing the hand brake off or the car to drive. It doesn't feel healthy. You can over-do the tease element. High level teasing without fulfillment is more frustration than art.
Sensually Spellbinding! To be fair, in this exquisite intimate exchange between two lust filled lovers, I would have enjoyed seeing the lovely lady receive her well deserved release as well. Maybe next time. Nevertheless, this was absolutely enthralling erotica! Hopefully, to be continued!
Erhyn. I assure you I don't (click on things I don't like that is). My regrets are that there is more and more MF pictorials creeping in, so I'm getting less and less of what I pay for . . . magnificent women, beautifully photographed.
Formidable et belle! Beautiful and erotic having the two models naked. Beautifully done
RE: Yet again, no thanks
Or...... don't click on the things you don't like and enjoy the ones that you do like. Seems easier that way.
The three latest massage videos - incl. this one - has dealt with the male penis. Please turn back to "the good old days" where you focused the shooting at our beautiful women's body and delicious details. It's OK to have a man doing the massage though I do prefer a masseuse to supplement the model receiving the massage.
Great to see how these two interact in this video - I love it, good work!
It's a start!
Total touch Massage
Outstanding!. Exemplary erotica. Superb 'slow sex'; almost Tantric!. Argent is yet another marvellous masseuse and Mike is a very lucky man!. Hegré-Art is probably the best erotic site anywhere on the net, with its magnificent models - both male and female - whose commitment to aesthetic erotica is beyond question and almost without limit. The photography, as always, is brilliant.
again, the fact that the lady was nude in this made it watchable for me. I understand that it's her body, though. and, some people just aren't into that. luckily, this lady is.
Yet again, no thanks
You appear to have two customer groups, one who enjoys MF content, and one who does not. Maybe it's time to split the site into a F only site and a MF site? The steady eroding of F only content in favour of MF content disappoints me (for one). It's not what I want, nor what I pay for.
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Reine Intimität

Als ob man zwei Liebende beobachtet.

Sobald der Film beginnt, wissen Sie, daß hier etwas Besonderes von statten geht. Anstatt eines Models und einer Masseuse, haben wir hier einfach zwei schöne Menschen, die zum ersten Mal ihre Körper entdecken.

Wie sie sich gegenseitig aus ihrer Kleidung necken, können sie die sexuelle Spannung förmlich knistern hören und fühlen. Nichts ist hier gestellt. Genau diese Authentizität ist es, die es unwarscheinlich macht, daß Sie dieses Jahr noch einen intimeren Film zu sehen bekommen.

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